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This project was created based on the guidelines given by Steelcase for the Steelcase Student Competition. This is an office created for a client called NEXT. It was inspired by a beautiful village in Egypt called Al-Fayoum. Scroll down to learn more about this project.


 This project was designed for a client named NEXT which is essentially a high technology headquarter in Seaport, Boston. They aspire to help people around the world in both home and office environments through intuitive technology, multi-functional spaces, as well as a harmonious space that ensures a space for: learning, rejuvenating, collaborating, focusing, and collaborating. My goal as the designer was to cater to the client's needs by making sure to incorporate all of those elements throughout the office. 

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The concept behind this project is inspired by a village in Egypt called Al-Fayoum. It has very heart-warming features which include:




The whole office is meant to feel like a village infused in a 'garden' to feel rejuvenated every second of their stay. The main aspect that was considered very unique were the inclusive elements included such as: a prayer room, boxing area, and places of refuge/complete privacy.




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01 Reception 

02 Wellness 1

03 Wellness 2 

04 Phone Room 1 

05 Phone Room 2

06 Phone Room 3 

07 Prayer/Yoga 

08 Inclusive Lab

09 Meeting Room 

10 Game Area

11 Home Office 

12 Lounge Area

13 Work Cafe

14 Retail Space

15 Sleeping Pods

16 Private Office 1 

17 Private Office 2

18 Private Office 3 

19 Project 1: Meeting

20 Project 1: Testing

21 Project 2: Meeting

22 Project 2: Testing 

23 Product Storage

24 Retail Mock-up 

25 Resource Center

26 Phone Room 4 

27 Product Management 

28 Materials WS 

29 Retail Workstation 

30 Prototype WS

31 Visitor WS

32 Product Management 

33 Engineering TeamSpace

34 Engineering WS

35 Design WS

36 Design TeamSpace

37 Virtual Center 

38 Prototype WS

39 Boxing Area

40 Mother's Room



next project23.jpg
Untitled design (9).jpg





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